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You gain level experience from killing enemies, rescuing children and finding exits.

Examine mode

In this mode, you can use the touch screen to manipulate objects in your environment freely. You can push buttons, pull levers, pick up and throw items etc. You can also view the map on the touch screen.

Combat mode

This is the mode you use when attacking enemies. Slide your stylus across all three squares horizontally or diagonally to perform a standard attack. If a combo point is available, follow the pattern to execute a combo attack.

Casting mode

In this mode, you can cast your spells. First, you have to find a scroll and learn the incantation. Then you have to move the appropriate runes to the Magic Matrix and slide your stylus across them to cast the spell.

Equip mode

Use this mode to equip items. All you have to do is drag the item you want to equip on the appropriate equipment slot.

Hero’s head

If you want to replenish your Health, Mana or Stamina quickly, drag the appropriate potion over the hero’s head and lift the stylus from the touch screen.

Health bar

The health bar shows how much life you currently have. Each time you get hit, your Health decreases. If the bar is empty, you die. Health regenerates slowly over time, but you can also drink a healing potion.

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