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Casting mode

In this mode, you can cast your spells. First, you have to find a scroll and learn the incantation. Then you have to move the appropriate runes to the Magic Matrix and slide your stylus across them to cast the spell.

Spellcasting skill

Spellcasting increases your chance to hit with a spell.

Intelligence attribute

Intelligence determines your Mana and the power of your spells.

Mana bar

The mana bar shows how much magic energy you currently have. Whenever you cast a spell, your Mana decreases. Mana regenerates slowly over time, but you can also drink a mana potion.



Scroll of Healing

This spell restores 25 Health.


Scroll of Cure

Restores 4 Health every 3 seconds for 30 seconds.


Scroll of Transmutation

This spell converts some of your Health to Mana. Use it at your own risk.


Scroll of Silence

Silences your target and prevents it from casting spells for 9 seconds.


Scroll of Stun

Stuns the target for 7 seconds.


Scroll of Fireball

Hurls a fiery ball that deals 15 to 25 fire damage. Some enemies are more vulnerable to fire while others are immune to this element.


Scroll of Fireblast

Hurls a fiery ball that deals 20 to 40 fire damage instantly and additional fire damage over 10 seconds.


Scroll of Burning

Deals 9 fire damage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds.


Scroll of Fire Field

Deals 9 fire damage to everyone on a field over 9 seconds.


Scroll of Concentration

Decreases your Health by -30 and increases your Intelligence by 10 for 60 seconds.


Scroll of Fire Wall

Creates a fiery wall that deals 20 to 65 fire damage to all enemies in front of you.


Scroll of Freeze

This spell freezes an enemy for 5 seconds and deals 8 to 18 cold damage.


Scroll of Frostbolt

This spell launches a bolt of frost at your enemy, causing 15 to 30 cold damage.


Scroll of Freezeball

Hurls a ball of frost at your enemy that deals 20 to 35 cold damage. It has a 25% chance to freeze your target.


Scroll of Frost Field

Deep-freezes a target field for 8 seconds.


Scroll of Ice Shield

Encases you in a block of ice and protects you from all physical attacks and spells for 15 seconds. You cannot attack or cast spells for the duration of this spell.


Scroll of Gale

Creates a storm that deals 12 lightning damage every 4 seconds to everyone on a field over 12 seconds. Deals 75% more damage to frozen enemies.


Scroll of Lightning Strike

Instantly deals 10 to 25 lightning damage to an enemy target. Deals 75% more damage to a frozen enemy.


Scroll of Thunder

Instantly deals 13 to 27 lightning damage to an enemy target and has a 25% chance to stun it. Deals 75% more damage to a frozen enemy.


Scroll of Immunity

Protects you from all spells for 12 seconds.


Scroll of Light

Creates an aura of light around you for 180 seconds.



All runes contain a piece of magic crystal. You can improve any fire, frost or lightning spell by adding a crystal to the incantation.

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